Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kai Vaithiyam in Tamil Siddha Vaidyam for weight Loss Naturally

How to Loss your weight Naturally
Neem seeds Benefits: Remove the outer hard cover of the Neem seed, grind and apply in the area of insect bite to remove the poison.  Neem seed oil is best for knee and joint pain. Apply neem seed oil regularly to get your nerves strong.

Murungai Seed Oil: Murungai Seed Oil gives stamina. It dissolves the excess fat.  Drinking Murungai leaf juice can improve the blood hemoglobin level.

Pineapple for weight loss: Pineapple is rich in Vitamin B and it is the nutritive fruit having many medicinal benefits. You can also use Pineapple for weight loss. Cut pine apple into small pieces, add a teaspoon of omam and a glass of water. Boil for couple of minutes. Drain the water and drink. Do this regularly for a month to loss your weight without any diet.

Ginger for weight reduction: Take a piece of ginger and extract ginger juice, add tsp of ginger juice with a glass of milk. Drink ginger juice milk every day in the morning or at night to reduce your belly.

Karunai Kilangu for weight loss: Add 300gm of any Karunai Kilangu recipe with your diet for weight loss.

Pasalai keerai for weight reduction: One of the best pasalai keerai uses is weight reduction. Prepare pasalai keerai recipe by adding poondu and milagu to dissolve the excess fat of your body. You can do same for Kasini leaves also. It is also having the benefit of belly fat reduction naturally.



Natarajan said...

Useful information. we proud of our inventions and researches. All our inventions very strong related to quality life.

Natarajan said...

Our elders invention purely related to quality life. But they fail to publish and document.

Meena said...

Yes Sir, you are correct. We are nor aware of the natural cure and great medicinal values of plants.
All plants are miraculous by having medicinal properties with out side effects.

Niruja Piratheepan said...

can u pls giv us a recipe for the pineapple juice.. i mean can i find out the mass of pineapple needed to make the juice

Tharumarasan Era said...

Can u give the medicine for pollen allergy

welcome to keskar said...

Pineapple medicine is it to drink the boiled water or drain out.take only boiled food

Anonymous said...

How many times we should take juice in a day?.

Anonymous said...

Hi vaidyar,

Can you please Translate Tamil herbs name to english.. for fat reduction


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